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Helpful hints when buying a new home

                                                                                                The Jacquot-Kulmala Team

Daneen Jacquot & Steve Kulmala




Looking to buy a new home? Here are some tips that will help you with the process.

We would love to answer anymore questions or concerns you might have. We work 7 days a week nights and weekend too.

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What Do You Want In A Home?

Before you do anything, sit down and make a list of your wants and needs. Write down everything that comes to mind. You may change what is the most and least important to you. Do you need quick access to the interstate, 4 bedrooms, large lot, convenient location? Rank your list because you will probably have to make compromises.

 Know Your Price Range!

It is important to know what you can afford. Even if you are able to put down cash,  you will still have expenses in the way of property taxes, insurance and maintenance costs. Just because you can get a loan of a certain size doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend that much getting a home! 

 Be Patient

You may look at every home on the market and not find that home. The best properties still sell very fast and you may just need to wait it out. Eventually, you will find your dream home.

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Kendall Ryder said:

Knowing your price range is super important when buying a home! Set a budget, and then stick to that budget! That way, you won't end up buying something that is out of your price range. If you buy something your really can't afford, it can cause money issues later on down the road!

September 21, 2016 2:09 PM

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